Thursday, 3 January 2008

Aikido at the Olympic Games!!!

I was checking out the blog to see if all the wigdets work fine when I found an ad our friend Google has chosen to show to us.

The good news is that as a result, I learned something new: how to filter out ads.
The bad news is that the behaviour of the ad's creator can deceive a lot of beginners or people knowing little about aikido.

However, good news win...
Good news 2:1 Bad news
...because if you do know something about aikido, the ad page is really funny, especially the part describing aikido at the Olympic Games :D (I wonder if it was the Summer Games in Mexico city or the Winter Games in Grenoble).

Please read the quote below and laugh (I highlighted my favourite parts). According to the real spirit of aikido, let's love the author for giving us this entertaining bullsh...erm... text.

Aikido is by far one of the most popular martial arts and forms of self-defense in the world. Ever since its induction in to the Olympics in 1968, it has fast become a very popular and martial art!

Aikido focuses on both ground fighting and standup fighting on an equal basis as far as training goes. The theory is, if most fights end up on the ground so you need to be prepared for both.

Aikido is an offshoot of jujitsu which mainly focuses on ground fighting and not standup self-defense. Due to the nature of Aikido, training is done almost full-contact. This allows for the student to learn exactly what full-contact resistance feels like as well as is great for conditioning and muscle development.

Some of the downsides of this fighting system is, the standup techniques are not focuses as much on striking, kicking and grappling (standup). This has brought a lot of criticism to the art of Aikido because many feel that it is an inadiqute form of self-defense and personal protection.

I'm not giving you a source link, it doesn't deserve that. Chris says, the writer should be locked up for a year and be forced to read articles about Paris Hilton :D.

Happy New Year, I'll be back with more meaningful posts soon ;) (and might analyse the above text more deeply when I'm not in a positive mood like now).

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Sanjay said...

This story is very very funny Aikido at the olympic Games all the best.