Monday, 11 February 2008

You might be an aikido addict when - part 1

I couldn't help but continue the list of Aikiweb's 'You might be an aikido addict if...' topic with my own entries. Initially I thought I would find a couple of entries there which are relevant to me but then it turned out that I can add a couple from my own aikido addiction. Moreover, it's not only a couple of lines but 24 :) and it's only 24 because I can't remember more but I'm sure there are a couple more to make the number 30 :).

First, my favourites from Aikiweb regardless whether I have experienced them or not (but it's likely that these are my favourites because I've experienced them at least once :) ):

You might be an aikido addict if...

  • you don't just open a door -- you extend into it from your center
  • you immediately stop what you're doing and sit down whenever you hear someone clap their hands
  • you find yourself with an irresistible urge to bow every time you enter or exit a room
  • you eagerly wait for Halloween (or any other costume party) to wear your gi and hakama outside the dojo
  • when you see a strait wooden stick, such as a broken broom handle, you automatically refer to it as a jo
  • any building you are in that has a large area in it you think, "Gee this would make a great dojo."
Finally, my own list with my own comments (1-12 for now, 13-24 are coming in the next post). Enjoy and add more if you want.

You are (I am) an aikido addict because...
  1. on your way to a tranining you warm up your neck and wrists (these are the warm-up moves that attract the least attention)
  2. you go home from a training and keep thinking about when the next will be and what you should focus on more (immediate withdrawal symptoms)
  3. on your way home from a training you play the training's techniques in your head (usually you are tori)
  4. on your way home your arms are always in tegatana and sometimes you walk in aiumiashi and tsugiashi (it's usually dark already so you think noone notices you)
  5. on your way home you think about ways how some basic principles can be taught to beginners even better (frustration over not being thrown enough times to get so tired that you need to take the bus home)
  6. when you are cold at home you don't turn on the heating or put on more clothes but do an aikido-style warm-up (and you say it's just because you are saving on the energy bill)
  7. you close your eyes after going to bed and see aikido techniques played in front of you (not as scary as it sounds)
  8. sometimes you participate in these techniques as tori (but that needs much more concentration)
  9. you can't sleep because you suddenly remembered a good topic for your aikido blog and can't beat it out of your head until you have it 'written' in your mind (usually starts at 2am and finishes at 4am)
  10. you see something on the street or hear a word somewhere and you immediately start thinking about its aikido connection and how it could be written down and posted in your blog (that's how the car alarms inspired me)
  11. you treat a handshake as aihanmi katatedori (very hard to resist 'harmony')
  12. you redirect other pedestrians on a busy street with tegatana and aiumiashi (detailed experience description coming in another post :))
Others coming next... :P

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