Wednesday, 13 February 2008

You might be an aikido addict when - part 2

Here's the sequel to the first post about aikido addiction symptoms.

The list has grown since Monday so I will just add those to the end of the list.

You might still be an aikido addict when...

  • you open (fire)doors with tegatana and your hip (essentially the same as extending yourself into the door but I had this item before reading the Aikiweb entry)
  • when you are a bit drunk you start doing aikido's dance-like moves on the dance floor (it just comes naturally)
  • if you are there with a group you even do the rowing exercises together ('in a crazy world only crazy people are normal')
  • you all think these look nice and fun (especially if the party is preceeded by an aikido demonstration)
  • you always see your dance partner's irimi points and find it hard to resist throwing her (see handshake in previous post)
  • going home from a party you can't resist doing mae ukemi on concrete and then you are delighted to see that your camera in your backpack is still intact (Fudoshin san did it, I wasn't drunk enough)
  • in a training camp, you change to keikogi at home (or wherewhere your accommodation is) and get on the bus with your bokken in your belt (when you see people watching you you say you are from the bakery)
  • you never hold the handle or hold onto the pole in a bus or train, you try to keep a stable hanmi position without using your arms (but the bus isn't attacking in a straight line so it often finds your irimi point)
  • walking in an empty corridor you think about how much space you have to do ukemi (the space you need gets smaller as you advance in your aikido studies)
  • walking in an corridor you imagine what your boss and colleagues would say if you pretended to stumble then did mae ukemi and stood up as if nothing has happened (copyright Szilard(o) Sensei who also had baseball cap with a Sensei print created by erasing 'Security' from a cap of Sensei Security company)
  • you let your friends try to 'draw the sword' from your bokken (sorry, that's mean but many of us do it)
  • admire your tegatana in the mirror (but you can always see some place for improvement)
And the three extras:
  • You teach your whole family how to roll after just three months of training
  • You play with children of your friends/family in shikko dachi and you both feel very happy about it
  • You teach ukemi to your dog and the dog loves it: runs around, attacks, rolls and runs around and attacks again (ryotedogi kokyunage or, the Hungarian version, iriminage kutya, the latter meaning dog, obviously). As the aikiweb forum says, ikkyo doesn't work on dogs. I have never tried that one, only kokyunage :).


Szilard said...

Hi Zolley (Zolika),

this is my first comment to your blog, because my english is not so good as I would like to. But I could not stop to comment this. I have a good laugh at this entry and in addition to all of your words are true.
And a new one: If you have to turn you make a tenkan or taisabaki. :-)


Anonymous said...

He, he I laughed till tears ran I sit at 12i:35 AM looking at Aikido web sites ;)

Isn't a Broom handle a sub "Jo"? I thought it was till I got mine ;)