Thursday, 15 May 2008


I have several announcements to make.

1. The blog got an 8.3/10 rating from editors and I'm proud of this.

2. I've submitted my PhD thesis (at last :D) so now I'll be back with posts.

3. The new posts won't be posted here. I decided to move to because I'm working on that site anyway, and I think it will be better if the blog is displayed in a context where more aikido related stuff is present. I hope it will not be a big problem for people reading this blog. I'll keep writing in the same style, only the place will change. Please follow me there ;).


uchi deshi said...

I'm sorry to hear you're moving! I'll have to follow you to your new site!

Zolley said...

I'd be very happy if I had a follower :D.

I'll take the link list with me so you will still have one there, too ;).

yumi said...

Nice to meet you.

I want to change information about a diet, exercise, fitness, health and others for a lot of people.

I linked your site.
Please link to my site.

Thanking you in advance.

Zolley said...

yumi: thanks for the link but I'm not sure the two sites are closely related enough. Besides, having more than 200 favuorite sites seems to be a bit many.
Best luck to your site and sorry.