Thursday, 3 July 2008

I'm not here

Someone asked me in the offline world whether I still keep writing this blog or quit blogging for good. Well, I only write messages like this here:

In case the link to the continued blog is not clearly visible in my previous post (which Szabi also mentioned) please follow the link below to get there:

In addition to my posts, you will find there posts by my friend Connor as well.

In case you simply want to subscribe to that blog, you can do it using our RSS feed or email subscription.


uchi deshi said...

Hi Zolley,

I had to take my blog private. If you would like to access it, please send me an email at

Zolley said...

Sorry to hear about that, I really like your stories and pictures and It's sad it's not public any more.

I hope to read your new posts in your private blog though.

serdelia said...

Nice Blog GJ.